Our story

There was a vision, a dream, and that then became a plan. A man who adored children and would help anyone of any age. He thrives on helping those that need it most. He isn't a man of this world. Mr. Glenn Larew of Cheat Lake, Wv, formerly of Newburg, WV, owner and operator of Coal Train, grew up alongside his father running a coal train. He's the man behind the plan. He donated the land to the center, along with others who wish to remain anonymous, and built the Preston County Youth Center from the ground up. Their hands, their machines, very little was done without Glenn's hands taking part in it if any at all. He was on a mission, and he made his dream a reality. He continues to build and add on daily. He is a hard worker, has a kind heart, and is very loving and intelligent. He's firm yet fair. To know Glenn and be a part of his life makes you one lucky individual.