Preston County youth center

Enriching the lives of all who walk through our doors. Building the stepping stones for our youths future. 
We are a 501(c)(3)non profit youth center, who turns no one away. Each person who becomes part of our youth center becomes family. We work with them on their weakness and their strengths. They recognize their strengths. We educate on life skill such as cooking, cleaning, gardening, farming, cursive, addressing an envelope, organization, over all work ethic, team building, communication, socialization and so much more. We are strengthening their writing, math, science, speaking skills and history. 
We work with them on diversity and bullying. They each get one on one time, love, attention and most importantly respect. If we want respect, we must give it. Todays children will never know what it was to be a kid 40 years ago. The best time to be a kid. When a kid could be a kid.It is heartbreaking to bring a child up in todays world. Being part of our youths everyday life to assist if giving them a childhood like each of us had is rewarding. So many times we get a job well done, when the children should be getting a job well done. What they do for us is far more rewarding than what we can do for them and they don't even realize it. 
There are more than 1.8 billion young people between the ages of 10 and 24 in the world, one of the largest cohorts in human history. Too often, they lack access to an education that will prepare them for contemporary job and business opportunities – giving them the skills and outlook they need for a twenty-first century economy. Meanwhile, in the past 30 years, relative income inequality between countries has reduced, but absolute income inequality has increased significantly, so that some children and families with low incomes are left behind and miss out on the opportunities their richer peers enjoy. Moreover, mobility has stalled over the last 30 years, miring another generation in a poverty trap determined entirely by the family she or he is born into.
Together we can fix this, together we can make this happen and together we can be the stepping stones to our youths future.